Gi (Uniform)


The karate uniform is called a Dogi or Gi and is based on the uniform created for judo at the turn of the century. It consists of a white jacket, a belt and white pants. It is useful to view the uniform color as symbolizing purity of intention and absence of improper motive, in the same way that the "color" white is really the absence color. However, this metaphor is probably not historically based.

There are many types of martial arts and most have their own uniform. Some of these are similar to the type of uniform we use, many are not. It is not appropriate to wear the uniform, belt or crest of another other school or martial art; as each will have its own history, tradition and symbolic meaning.

New students are entitled to wear a gi as soon as they begin training and a standard Gi is usually included in the cost as a new student at the Giordano Family Methuen Karate Association. However, it is not necessary to purchase a uniform immediately. Until a gi is obtained, students should wear a plain t-shirt and sweat pants.

A uniform is required for the intermediate or advanced classes. When required, uniforms may be purchased through the Giordano Family Methuen Karate Association. Heavyweight uniforms (like Sensei Jarrods) are also available for purchase.

Obi (Belt)


The Karate Belt is call and Obi and this is how we tie it @ Giordano Family MKA.



1) Hold Obi in front of you with any stripes on the right side. 



2) Wrap the Obi around your waist. Wrap the Obi around your back and cross it over itself.



3) Bring the two ends of Obi evenly out to the front.



4) Bring end in your right hand across to the left side.



5) Bring the end in your left hand across to the right side and hold the obi with your left hand.

6) Bring the end on the right side up under the two pieces held in your left hand and back to your right side.

7) Cross the two pieces of the belt by taking the right end above and to the left side as you bring the left end under and across to the right.

8) Bring the right end up and over the left piece and down through the hole made by crossing the pieces.



9) Grab both ends/sides of the Obi (belt).



10) Finish by pulling both ends of the Obi tight, also pull the ends downward.

Tying your Obi PDF
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