Note: Use the Glossary for English definition of the Japanese terms

Uke: Block
Gedan-barai: Downward sweeping block
Jodan-age-uke: Upper Rising Block
Soto-uke: Outside (Traditional) Block
Uchi-uke: Inside block

Shuto-uke: Sword hand block
Morote-uke: Augmented/Supported forearm block
Teisho-uke: Palm heel block
Juji-uke: "X" block

Punching & Striking Techniques - Tsuki Waza
Note: Use the Glossary for English definition of the Japanese terms
Chamber: Chamber position for punch
Seiken Tsuki: Straight punch
Seiken Jodan-tsuki: Straight (forefist) punch to head
Seiken Chodan-tsuki: Straight (forefist) punch to chest
Seiken Gedan-tsuki: Straight (forefist) punch to stomach/groin
Yaka-tsuki: Reverse punch
Ura-tsuki: Short punch
Uchi: Strike
Uraken-uchi: Backfist strike
Uraken Shomen uchi: Backfist to the Front
Uraken Sayu uchi: Backfist to the Side
Shuto-uchi: Sword/Knife hand strike ('little finger' side of hand)
Shuto Gammen uchi: Knifehand to the head
Nukite-uchi: Spearhand Strike
Tettsui-uchi: Hammerfist Strike
Chudan Tettsui uchi: Hammerfist to Head
Jodan Tettsui uchi: Hammerfist to chest/ribs
Gedan Tettsui uchi: Hammerfist to groin
Empi-uchi: Elbow strike
Haito-uchi: Ridge hand strike ('thumb' side of hand) 

Kicking Techniques - Geri Waza
Note: Use the Glossary for English definition of the Japanese terms
Geri: Kick
Uchi Kake Geri: Inside Hooking Kick
Mae Geri: Front Kick
Hung Mawashi Geri: Half Roundhouse Kick
Mawashi Geri: Full Roundhouse Kick
Yoko Geri: Side Kick
Ushiro Geri: Back Kick
Kakato Geri: Heel Stomp

Kin Geri: Groin Kick
Ushiro Mawashi Geri: Spinning Heel Kick
Mikazuki Geri: Crescent Kick

Stances - Dachi Waza
Note: Use the Glossary for English definition of the Japanese terms
Dachi: Stance
Stances to demonstrate proper demeanor and attitude:
Heisoku-dachi: Formal Attention stance (feet together, toes point straight ahead)
Musubi-dachi: Informal Attention stance (heels together, toes point out 45°)
Yoi-dachi: Ready stance (feet apart and parallel)
Stances for technique:
Zenkutsu-dachi: Forward Leaning stance
Kokutsu-dachi: Back stance
Kiba-dachi: Horse/Side stance
Neko ashi-dachi: Cat (foot) stance
Sanchin-dachi: Hour glass stance
Kumite-dachi: Fighting stance
Moro Ashi-dachi: Augmented (foot) stance
Tsuru Ashi-dachi: Crane (foot) stance
Kake-dachi: Hook/Cross stance


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