Kumite (Sparring)

At Methuen Karate we practice Kumite in almost every class. This is done so that ...

Our philosophy on sparring is ...

To train students how to group techniques together they are presented with Fighting Combinations. They are required to learn these combinations so that they become automatic and can be used in sparring

Kumite is practiced as 1 step, 2 step, and 3 step techniques. After this comes free form kumite where the opponents race each other without pre-defined moves. The next step from free form kumite is full contact kumite.

Ippon Kumite: One-step or one attack sparring. This fighting method teaches the student self-defense techniques such as blocking, throwing, sweeping, grabbing the opponents arm, leg etc. The fighting positions are natural, high and relaxed. The defense is based on the attackers' principle of IKKEN HISATSU (to kill or knock down with one blow) This means that for a first attack there must be a definitive block and counter- attack excluding any possibility that allows the attacker to continue his first attack with follow-up techniques. Based on this theory, the defender should throw or sweep his attacker, because any off-balancing techniques minimize the attacker's chance of continuing his attack.

Nihon Kumite: Two-steps or two attacks sparring. Teaches RI AI, rhythm and timing, using stopping attacks such as SEN or SEN-NO-SEN.

Sanbon Kumite: Three steps or three attacks sparring. Teaches the student MA AI- distancing, blocking and countering at the same or at a later time. This can be interpreted as SEN-NO-SEN or GO-NO-SEN.(respectively initiative in attack or initiative in defense). 

Taurus Bailey wrote an article on Kumite and the Spirit of Budo that provides an overview of sparring philosophies


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