Blocking Techniques - Uke Waza

Gedan Barai: Downward/Lower Sweep Block
Jodan Age Uke: Upper Rising Block
Soto Uke: Forefist Middle Outside Block
Uchi Uke: Forefist Middle Inside Block
Shuto Uke: Sword hand block
Morote Uke: Augmented/Supported forearm block
Teisho Uke: Palm heel block
Juji Uke: "X" block

Gedan - Lower body

Chudan - Chest level or middle

Jodan - Head or upper

Gedan Barai: Downward/Lower Sweep Block 

Chudan Soto Uke: Middle Outside Block

Chudan Uchi Uke: Middle Inside Block 

Jodan Uke: Upper Rising Block 

Shuto-uke: Sword hand block
Shuto uke literally means to block with the Shuto (knife-edge) part of the hand. Technically there are many types of Shuto uke: Shuto Jodan uke (Knife-hand upper block), Shuto Gedan barai (knife-hand lower block) etc. However, when one says Shuto uke on its own, one is referring to a blocking technique which uses the knife-hand to parry across the body toward the outside 

Morote-uke: Augmented/Supported forearm block

Teisho-uke: Palm heel block

Back to the top Juji-uke: "X" block


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