Procedures During Training


Always train as hard as you are able, work hard to perfect what ever the class is working on. Do your best technique, kata, etc. Train as hard at the end of class as you did in the beginning.

Strive to keep up, but don’t get upset if you can’t don’t, just keep trying!

Always pay close attention to the instructor, don’t look around or fidget during instruction. Learn to focus on the task at hand. Do Not Talk, concentrate on your techniques.

Always acknowledge instruction with a loud “OSU”!

When instructed or allowed to fix your Gi (uniform), turn to the back of the dojo as a sign of respect.

When instructed or allowed to fix your Obi (Belt), turn to the back of the class and kneel down as a sign of respect.

When working with a Black Belt
always begin by saying “Onegishmas”. This means “Will you work with me?” and again is a sign of respect for the dojo and rank.

Always wait for the command “Hajime” before performing any command. The instructor should say “Hajime” after telling you what to do so you know when to begin.

o Instructor says “Migi Zenkutso Dachi”
o Students respond “Osu, Shihan” Sensei or Sempai
o Instructor says “Hajime”
o Students then follow command by performing request, in this instance; step into right leaning stance.


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