OSU - To Endure

Kyokushin Karate 

“To persevere while being pushed”

We want to push our students to their limits, both physically and mentally and then go a little further. With the extra push we will help build the students up, help them see there are no limits in what they can do, as long as they work hard!

OSU – persevere at all times, to your limits, under any circumstances. Develop the determination to continue training, through the pain, and you will make great strides, both physical & mental.

This perseverance is the true mark of a practitioner of Kyokushin Karate.
Do Not Give Up!

When to say “OSU”

  •  When bowing in & out of the Dojo
  •  When asked a question and you want to answer in the affirmative (ie. Yes, I will, etc.)
  •  When responding to a Higher rank (ie. “Osu, Shihan”)
  •  In response to an instructor, let him know you understand
  •  When instructed and you change stances
  •  As a Greeting

"One living daily in the way carries his
head low and his eyes high. Reserved in
speech, and possessing a kind heart.
He steadfastly continues his training efforts."
- Mas Oyama -


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April 15


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