The Instructor's Creed

is a philosophy of how we intend to ensure your success. The rest if up to you.


I will not kill an idea, a dream, a persons' self worth, or their confidence. I will not do anything to harm another person as this will be equivalent to killing part of that person.

  1. I will accept martial arts as a way of life. I have the responsibility to find the positive side of everyone and bring it out.
  2. I will teach not only martial arts motions and techniques, but also the responsibility and purpose of the art, presenting the whole meaning of martial arts.
  3. I will not teach students to fight, but will teach them to be responsible for their actions and to use their skills when their life or the lives of people they love are threatened.
  4. I will encourage all to study the martial arts and to develop in themselves the positive character that is often hidden.
  5. I will teach students to love themselves, to be proud of who they are.
  6. I will teach students the importance of family and family values.
  7. I will treat all students equally without regard to race, color, age, gender, or physical and mental challenges.
  8. I will provide a positive environment in which students can learn and grow.
  9. I accept the responsibility as a role model for all students and will continue to represent the positive values of the martial artist: Honesty! Integrity! Respect!


Dojo Will Be Closed


Patriots Day

April 15


Memorial Day Weekend

May 25 - May27



Upcomimg Events


Cenral Catholic High School

Karate Tournament

Sunday April 7, 2019 @ 9am




3 & 4 year olds



Starting 9/8/18





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