General Dojo Matters 


During class, focus on the sensei. Do not look around the class or out the doors or windows.

Always show respect for senior belts and elders.

Keep your Karate Gi (uniform) clean and tear free at all times. A clean, neat GI is a sign of respect for the dojo, your instructors and especially yourself. All rips or tears must be repaired immediately.

Never wash your Obi (Belt)!

If Shihan does not bow in, when he (or a visiting instructor) enters the dojo, students must stand and bow. (Unless they are performing Kata) The 1st student to see Shihan enter the dojo should say “Kimchi” in a loud voice to inform the students of his entry.

Use the bathroom before class starts or be prepared to do 100 pushups if you have to interrupt class to use it.

Make sure you finish any projects or reading assigned by Shihan.

Make the instructor aware of any injuries, ailments you have before the start of class, we do not want to aggravate the injuries.

Keep fingernails & toenails cut short to prevent injuries.

Do not leave class without permission from instructor.

Glasses, contact lens and hearing aids may be worn during training (at the wearer's risk). Some instructors will not permit students to wear glasses when sparring, but sports glasses are always permitted.

Keep the Dojo neat & clean, if you see a mess, clean it up!

Never perform unsupervised Kumite!


Dojo Will Be Closed


Patriots Day

April 15


Memorial Day Weekend

May 25 - May27



Upcomimg Events


Cenral Catholic High School

Karate Tournament

Sunday April 7, 2019 @ 9am




3 & 4 year olds



Starting 9/8/18





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