Dojo Etiquette


“Karate Begins & Ends with Respect”

One of Hanshi Giordano’s favorite sayings

Dojo or training hall literally means “way (tao) place”. The dojo is a special place due to the shared respect and goals of the students. The dojo fosters a sense of belonging, family and community. Students come to train & meditate as a group as well as individually.
The rules of dojo etiquette are in place for all who train, from Shihans to 10th Kyu students, and are a matter of respect. General conduct, how to enter and leave the dojo, when and how to speak are all a matter of etiquette.

Titles are also part of the tradition of the Martial arts. Showing respect for karate masters, instructors, advanced ranks, and your fellow students is integral to the development of character. Titles are honorifics meant as an expression of respect for the effort required to advance in the Martial Arts.

Etiquette starts before you enter the dojo to train;

  • Remove your shoes and socks – it is a sign of respect for your training hall
  • Be quiet while in the waiting room; your noise can distract the students in class
  • Remove jewelry and hats – never wear them in the dojo!

As you enter the dojo to train;

  • Turn to the front of the dojo, “the shrine” bow to the front and in a loud voice say “Osu”!
  • If Shihan or any Black Belt greets you, bow and say “Osu” to them as a greeting.
  • Go directly to the appropriate locker room to take care of your personal belongings, put on your gi (uniform). Keep the locker room clean and neat, hang your jackets, place your shoes in an orderly fashion.
  • If you are a member of the first class go to the main dojo floor and sit down, by rank. Begin to stretch out and warm up. No Talking is required!
  • If there is a class in session when you arrive, go to the upper level of the dojo (unless otherwise instructed) and prepare for class. This includes stretching, warming and limbering up, but does not include talking or hitting the bags.
  • If you are a member of the first class, the student in the front right corner of the floor must strike the drum to signify the start of class. He or she will strike the drum 3 times and the remaining students will stand up into “Yoi Dachi” ready stance, saying “Spirit”.
  • If there is a class in session while you are warming up, you will line up single file, against the wall when the instructor shouts “Moksu” to the current class. Students should line up by rank, no running, pushing or talking.
  • When instructed, come down to the main dojo floor and line up by rank and stand in “Yoi dachi”, ready stance. No discussion is required!



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