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  • Jean Lug (Monday, May 07 18 07:20 pm EDT)

    My son has been a student at MKA for three years. He had not done well with team sports, but we wanted to keep him active. Choosing MKA was the best decision we have made. He found "his" thing. They not only teach karate and discipline, but they are also concerned about the whole child, with school being #1. The instructors are firm, but kind, and often take the time to make comments to individuals after class, whether it be a tip to help improve, or a pat on the back for a job well done. I can't recommend MKA enough to others considering karate for their child.

  • Diana Velez (Thursday, April 12 18 05:28 pm EDT)

    My son has been attending karate here for 2.5 years and he loves it! Very family friendly with an awesome Beach Training every year! My son was extremely shy and besides teaching respect and discipline, they have taught him to be confident!! All the teachers are fantastic and promote good grades in school! This karate school isn’t just about teaching karate!

  • colleen sanatrpio (Wednesday, April 11 18 01:23 pm EDT)

    Our 6 year old son recently became a student at MKA. Prior to registering we observed a class and were pleased about what we saw. There was a good student:staff ratio and higher level students were helping the kids who may have been having difficulty. It's a positive atmosphere and the staff are all friendly, helpful and willing to answer all questions. As parents we liked the carry over of the kids responsibilities outside of class. They are encouraged to practice during the week, have good behavior, complete homework and do chores at home. We feel that being a student at MKA will allow our son to improve the skill of body awareness. He can learn and grow at his own pace while continuing to develop a sense of pride in self and respect for self and others.

  • Bryan (Sunday, April 08 18 06:51 am EDT)

    Methuen karate is a dojo that brings back classic training to the present. The instructors are well steeped in tradition and follow the old style ways of training. A place that teaches respect,control, and conference. Larry giordano (Kancho) has a life time of experience and you will be hard pressed not finding someone that knows him in the community. He has a special way of communication that's builds an inner strength for all age groups.

  • Tamar Timmons (Wednesday, April 04 18 04:03 pm EDT)

    My son started at Methuen Karate as a "tiny tot" at the age of 4. He is now 6 years old and loves karate. Over the past 2 years, I have seen such a positive change in him. The instructors at MKA are excellent. Not only do they teach techniques, they teach discipline, self-confidence, honor, respect, respect for one's self, and respect for others. MKA is like a family. Kancho Larry cares about all of his students and takes pride in each of their victories and successes. My son has learned to overcome fear and nerves in participating in his first tournament. He is now excited for the next one. He works hard and has a sense of pride in his accomplishments. I am happy to have chosen MKA for my child and highly recommend it to others.

  • Elizabeth Biasiucci (Saturday, March 24 18 10:06 am EDT)

    Been here just a few weeks and my son loves it! Very nice instructors!

  • Lork Family (Tuesday, March 20 18 04:37 pm EDT)

    Our son started at Methuen Karate about a year ago and we couldn't be happier! We love the discipline and respect all the instructors teach him. Highly recommend MKA!

  • Sherry Pynn Giuffrida (Saturday, March 21 15 11:50 am EDT)

    Where can a family go to find support in raising physically fit & respectful children? Methuen Karate!
    All of the teachers, most especially, Kancho Larry Giordano, guide my kids to do their personal best. I can count on them to teach lessons that carry over into "real life". Guess who called my son
    when he was admitted to the hospital? Kancho.
    The students are prepared to compete in tournaments, which gives them an opportunity to appreciate the art of competition. Worried about your kids being bullied? Worry no longer, karate will teach
    them the best way to defend themselves should the need arise.
    Want to give your kids an opportunity to develop leadership skills? Over the years my daughters have greatly benefited from being asked to teach & mentor other students.
    Martial arts provides a system of progression & encourages a child to continue to grow & learn an important lesson...never give up.
    Do your kids a favor; bring them to Methuen Karate.


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