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  • Brigitte Munoz (Saturday, March 21 15 01:33 pm EDT)

    I could not be any happier with this karate school. It not only teaches my son discipline but also promotes good manners. I can always count on Koncho to give my son a "pep talk" when he needs it. He
    is not only a disciplinarian but also a nurturer. My son always looks forward to his karate classes to work with Koncho and Shihan Lonnie.

  • Sherry Pynn Giuffrida (Saturday, March 21 15 11:50 am EDT)

    Where can a family go to find support in raising physically fit & respectful children? Methuen Karate!
    All of the teachers, most especially, Kancho Larry Giordano, guide my kids to do their personal best. I can count on them to teach lessons that carry over into "real life". Guess who called my son
    when he was admitted to the hospital? Kancho.
    The students are prepared to compete in tournaments, which gives them an opportunity to appreciate the art of competition. Worried about your kids being bullied? Worry no longer, karate will teach
    them the best way to defend themselves should the need arise.
    Want to give your kids an opportunity to develop leadership skills? Over the years my daughters have greatly benefited from being asked to teach & mentor other students.
    Martial arts provides a system of progression & encourages a child to continue to grow & learn an important lesson...never give up.
    Do your kids a favor; bring them to Methuen Karate.

  • Jeff tibak (Saturday, March 21 15 11:37 am EDT)

    Just wanted to say thank you to the whole mka family. You guys do such a great job with the kids and my son is always looking forward to come to karate. Especially the beach training!

  • Lori Morris (Saturday, March 21 15 11:24 am EDT)

    Thank you for welcoming our family. Our son loves coming to karate every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. He always leaves excited and is eager to share what new things he has learned.

  • Maurisa (Tuesday, June 11 13 08:14 pm EDT)

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Our family had an amazing time at beach training Sunday! It was our first time and it was a wonderful experience for the whole family. What a great sense of community
    and pride! Can't wait till next year!

  • Denise DeMatos (Wednesday, May 01 13 09:47 am EDT)

    My daughter joined MKA when she was about 4 yrs old. She left when she was 6 and came back about 2yrs ago. She absolutely loves it!!! Brenna is doing better in school and at home because she applies
    the discipline and respect that MKA has taught her, to her day to day routine. She also loves the MKA community so much that she refers to them as her family. I joined recently and I fully agree with
    Brenna! Everyone at MKA is kind and supportive and always willing to help me learn....and I need alot of help! Thank you to all of the wonderful people we have met at MKA!!

  • Sherry Pynn Giuffrida (Saturday, December 22 12 04:14 pm EST)

    As the mother of 2 sets of twins, I'm always looking for help teaching my kids about respect & self-control. I've found that help at Methuen Karate. Hanshi Larry Giordano really cares about the
    kids in his school & in return my kids want to make him proud. All of the teachers encourage my kids to do their personal best. The result is increased self-confidence, better physical abilities
    & a "can-do" attitude that follows them into the school environment. Methuen Karate is a blessing to my family...thank you!

  • Myrtha Fahey (Tuesday, July 10 12 10:28 am EDT)

    Karate has provided my three children with an opportunity not only to exercise but to gain discipline and develop friendships among other children their age. it has been a positive experience for my
    family for many years

  • Patti (Monday, July 02 12 02:03 pm EDT)

    My 17 year old daughter started at MKA 3 months ago and LOVES it. She just received her blue belt and is looking forward to progressing on. It is so important for her to learn assertiveness and self
    confidence. Thank you MKA!!

  • Rich Morin (Friday, June 15 12 09:28 am EDT)

    My 8 year old grandson who my wife and I are raising started Karate at age 6. We have watched him grow from white, blue, yellow and now a green belt. We are very proud of him and would like to take
    all the credit for his success, but we know Hanshi, all the Sensei's and his young helpers have all contributed to the young man he is becoming. Thank You Hanshi and Methuen Karate.

  • Rachel (Thursday, June 14 12 08:57 pm EDT)

    I am a mother of two troubled teens. One with legal issues and one with mental issues. Ever since Mka has opened the doors to my children's its the best thing that could happen to them. By both have
    very low self worth. No w that there at Mka there self esteem and self worth has grown. My daughter. Was as a proud of her self as she's ever been when she got her first blue strip she was aon a
    cloud and couldn't sleep that night . I would like to thank everyone at Mka for giving us a chance. I would especily like to thank Hansi for givivng them a chance of a life time. From a mom who
    needed this so much thank. You! Forever great full. Thanks


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